Our Facilities

Spartywood Facility

Our main log yard can be found off Route 89, just 6 miles south of Spartansburg, PA. Logs here are selected for Veneer and #1 Sawlog quality and available for worldwide distribution.

Brush Run Lumber

Here we have a large log yard and veneer log yard as well where we prepare logs for overseas shipments. Logs are prepared to customer requirements and shipped around the world. 

We ship logs on our inspection once we know customer specifications. We pay special attention to preparing logs, with S-Irons and wax applied where necessary to ensure protection during shipment.

Spartywood Office

Veneer logs being prepared for shipment at Brush Run.

Our headquarters are located on a 100-acre parcel at the junction of Route 77 & Route 8 between Titusville and Union City, Pennsylvania. Dry kilns, grading stations, kiln dried storage, and two sawmill operations make up the Penn-Sylvan complex.

(814) 694-2311